Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why do they hate us again?

In the mind of the President (or at least in his words - I don't know which is worse to be honest), the terrorsts hate us for our freedoms. I have to wonder which freedoms specifically the President believes we are hated for. It certainly isn't the freedom to question your leaders or elected officials. That apparently is giving aide and comfort to the enemy. How can the terrorists hate us for our freedoms but be emboldened when we exercise them? I doubt the terrorists are sitting around watching CNN, waiting for Jack Murtha to give them the motivation to strike.

In a "time of war" however such questioning of officials is of bad taste, if not traitorous we are told. Of course Congress seems to have given the White House the go ahead to unilaterally define the scope of war, and based on a recent interview of Chuck Hagel (R-NE) by GQ Magazine, they had
very big ambitions. The Domino Theory has been put to rest by reality but the White House still insists that they and they alone know the best direction of the United States foreign policy, Congress be damned. I would argue however that "times of war" are when it is most appropriate to question your elected officials. When someone is out killing in your name, you might find yourself with an opinion or two on the subject.

I can't help but wonder at what point Joe Lieberman truly jumped the shark however. I would not be surprised if he was promised support for a Vice President run in '08 if he eased off pressure on the White House. Thus we have him
declining to hold hearings on the Bush Administration's Katrina fumbles, as well as his chiding of opponents of the Surge (or at least those who voice their opposition publicly - emboldening the terrorists and all). Glenn Greenwald says what I couldn't figure out how to put into words:

Whether Lieberman accused "surge" opponents of giving "comfort" to the enemy or merely "encouraging" them (and it looks increasingly like it was "encouragmenet," though still nothing truly definitive), Chuck Hagel's impassioned response applies just as potently -- not only to Lieberman, but to all of those war supporters who think that what is one of our country's greatest strengths -- the fact that we debate important issues, rather than meekly submit to the Leader's will -- is something we should suppress because the Terrorists are emboldened by our disagreements.

For people who consistently argue the terrorists hate us for our freedoms, they sure do get upset when we exercise those freedoms. Why do President Bush and Joe Lieberman hate our freedoms?


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