Thursday, January 25, 2007

When money is no object

Roger Ailes highlights this blurb from Warren Bass [no link]:

[Dinesh] D'Souza, the author of the bestselling Illiberal Education, has no particular expertise on terrorism, which may explain why he writes twice that there are U.S. troops in Mecca (someone should probably alert Bob Gates) or why he thinks that President Reagan's 1986 airstrikes on Libya "convinced Qadafi to retire from the terrorism trade," despite the bombing of Pan Am 103 by Libyan agents two years later. But D'Souza's inexperience doesn't explain why he so badly misreads bin Ladenist ideology, despite the peppering of jihadist quotes that he uses to lend the book a sense of authority.
To which Roger asks: "Is there any amount of incompetence of dishonesty which will deny a book contract to a right-winger?"

If you want an answer to that question I recommend David Brock's Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative. It's full of informative little anecdotes about how little is needed for a right-winger to secure a book deal. Factual accuracy is not as essential as one might think (or hope). Personally, I can't wait until this one is released.

[Update] I was not recommending you actually purchase either book. You can always grab them at your local library; no need to give either of them one dime if you don't want to.


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