Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Republicans don't really want Bipartisanship

With the republicans and the president running around squawking about the need for bipartisanship in Washington after the election, one would be tempted to label this as another demonstration of Projection. The republicans know very well how they treated the democrats the past six years and have no desire to be treated the same way. They are only in D.C. for the power, something they've demonstrated the past six en mass, and as a minority party they have none.

It's not really bipartisanship the republicans are after though. It's the level of bipartisanship the republicans are after. What they really want is Equality, to not be a minority party. This whole media blitz is a pre-emptive strike to give republicans sole custody of the definition of bipartisanship, and they are trying to set that level so impossibly high that if Democrats do anything other than share power 50/50 they will be labeled partisan hacks all the way through 2008.

Democrats should not continually be caught off-guard by such media antics. It was on demonstration as recently as a few months ago, when Nancy Pelosi was led to take impeachment off the table. The merits or faults of that decision notwithstanding, it is still republicans controlling the debate. If the republicans are the only ones talking about bipartisanship then they are the only ones defining bipartisanship, and they will not define it as anything Democrats could live with.

Dems need to get with the program.


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