Wednesday, January 24, 2007


In a display of savage corporatism, Senate Republicans are filibustering the minimum wage increase until Democrats lard the bill with tax cuts for businesses. Over the last six years, of course, businesses have gotten, literally, hundreds of billions in tax breaks. Congress hasn't raised the minimum wage in a decade.

-Ezra, posting at Tapped.

One commenter complains Ezra is being hypocritical, complaining about tactics by Republicans that the Democrats have been using for the previous six years. Whether Ezra is complaining about Tactics or Substance aside, Ezra's point is valid: the Corporate aspect of the Republican party seems hell-bent on ensuring that businesses endure absolutely no risk whatsoever. At point are you simply rewarding businesses for failure and bad business practices? At what point are you removing any motivation for businesses to do business well?


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