Thursday, January 04, 2007

Obey me or else

President Bush's definition of Bipartisanship seems to be "do what I say or else."

One would have thought his newfound concern for fiscal responsibility would have been addressed before year seven of his presidency; specifically when he had a republican congress that was White House friendly. Instead, President Bush eagerly signed into law every bill put in front of him, pork and all. Not once did he ask of the republican congress to exercise any measure of fiscal responsibility. The republicans needed that pork to get re-elected. Instead we get Cheney, saying "Reagan proved deficits don't matter. We won the midterm. This is our due."

The only thing that has changed between now and the previous six years is that the President's party is no longer controlling congress. The only conclusion that can be made is that the President is playing partisan politics while instructing the Democrats to do no such thing. It's not unlike Cheney's statement; fiscal responsibility is a campaign slogan, nothing more. Once you win elections you're free to be as fiscally irresponsible as you'd like. The politics of the issue are all that matter.

The true purpose of the recent republican PR blitz is to control the definition of what bipartisanship should be. After all, there are varying degrees of bipartisanship, and the republicans are using this pre-emptive strike to set the level of bipartisanship so high that anything less from Democrats than a 50/50 power split will be labelled as partisan hackery, all the way through 2008.

The majority of republicans left over from the Gingrich revolution are only interested in power, and that's exactly what they don't have as a minority party. They're not going sit idly by and accept Democratic scraps, and being labelled Hypocrites does not at all effect them. They wear it as a badge of honor. Now that they are the in the minority again the victim card is out in full force, yet again, even before the 110th Congress has come to session. Playing victim is what they're best at; it's the actual governing they need to work on.


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