Monday, January 15, 2007

Maybe Condi LIKES being single? HeLLO.

Oh My God! Barbara Boxer told the world Condi's dirty little secret... she's not married! She doesn't have any children! How could Boxer bring up such shameful aspects of Condi's life? Don't you think Condi's already ashamed enough? To be her age, and still without a good man, a bun in the oven, and a picket fence? I mean, I'm sure if it were Hillary Rodham in that position the fundies would be just as upset about such shameful airings of her personal life.

Does this remind anyone else of the Mary Cheney incident? Liberals stating facts about conservatives that conservatives are supposed to be ashamed of? Did any of these conservatives bother to ask Condi if she's not happy being a single woman with no children, or if Mary Cheney is happy living her life as a gay woman? Of course not. These are things to be ashamed of, and to be denounced in full when Democrats are guilty of them. Thus we have the Mark Foleys and the Ted Haggards living double-lives to please their base.

I don't think Condi is ashamed of her life or considers Barbara Boxer's factual statement to be anything other than just that. It's the fundies who deal in shame, shaming Americans for not living traditional conservative value lives, while excusing living examples of their contempt in their very own ranks. Hillary Clinton is no different than Condi in terms of ambition, except that Hillary Clinton is a wife and a mother. It's just that she is also a Democrat and therefore must be destoyed, hypocrisy be damned.


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