Friday, January 05, 2007

Guilty pleasures, Star Trek style

I like science fiction, especially space-based sci-fi. I like Farscape, Babylon 5 (both sci-fi channel originals) and I like Star Trek (except for Enterprise). And, I dare to admit, I was a huge fan of Star Trek Voyager.

One of the criticisms of Voyager was that Captian Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) was all over the map in terms of how she acted and what her beliefs were. This bothered Kate Mulgrew herself, and she (good-naturedly) blamed the writers.

It was inevitable however that the Voyager characters would be all over the map because of the very nature of Voyager's predicament. There is no infastructure around them. There is no Federation. There is no variable that the Voyager crew can react to.

In the other ST series, you could have a rogue Admiral out breaking the law and Janeway could be sent to stop him and let him know "this isn't how we do things in the Federation." Can't do that in Voyager however; the only constants in Voyager was the Voyager crew.

So all you Janeway haters, cut her some slack, will ya?


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