Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Christian Creeps

With all the talk of phantom Liberal Elitists by the millionaire thinktank intellectuals and billionaire oil dynasties in the Republican party I sometimes think the actual Liberal Elitists don't get their fair share of attention. I speak of course of James Wolcott, whose latest post discusses the phenomenon that is the Supposed Christian Conservative:

There's a subset of conservative bloggers that I've come to think of as Christian Creeps. Not the most elegant or endearing epithet, but there it is, the best I can do under the circumstances. These are bloggers who profess their faith in God and the efficacy of prayer and, once they wipe the piety off their upturned faces, turn around and fantasize about environmentalists dangling from nooses, taking up arms against rampaging Muslims, and unleashing nuclear genocide on Arab lands. Dorothy Day they're not. You can probably figure out who I'm talking about.

Yes James, we sure can.

About every hundred posts or so they remember they're supposed to be Christians and wander out of the Old Testament just long enough to forgive the Godless Liberal bloggers and commenters who attack their faith with such tools of the Devil as statistics and facts. That penance apparently frees them up to unleash the standard Fire and Brimstone in the remaining 99 posts. Such are the benefits of being God's chosen bloggers I surmise.

Go read the whole thing.


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