Monday, September 12, 2005

What Plame investigation?

Rove/Plame: Fitzgerald to lose his day job?

The Chicago Tribune reports today former Illinois Senator Peter Fitzgerald, who championed the appointment of Patrick Fitzgerald (no relation) to the US attorney's post in Chicago in 2001, is worried about "mounting political pressure" against his protege's reappointment to the post this fall. The former senator speaks of foes in Illinois who'd like to stop the US attorney's corruption probes; he does not mention the US attorney's moonlighting gig as special prosecutor in the Plame investigation. He's a Republican, after all. But the point is clear enough....

Fitzgerald is onto something or there wouldn't be this pressure.

Valerie Plame? CIA agent outed by Karl Rove for political payback? Never heard of her. An investigation by Fitzgerald? Never happened. Quick! Look over there! It's a terrorist!


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