Thursday, September 15, 2005

Specter: Foot in Mouth

From AmericaBlog:

Reportedly, Specter's office is telling callers the following regarding Specter's opposition to the independent commission to investigate the Katrina mess:

I called Arlen Specter... phone person said-- quickly-- he supports bipartisan but not independent. Asked why not independent she said she didn't know.

Unfortunately, that's an outright lie. And I quote the Washington Post's coverage of the panel the Republicans ACTUALLY set up:

House and Senate GOP leaders announced the "Hurricane Katrina Joint Review Committee," which will include only members of Congress, with Republicans outnumbering Democrats by a yet-to-be-determined ratio.

I'm sorry, but it's not "bipartisan" if Republicans outnumber Democrats on the panel. That makes it a Republican panel with Democrats just bearing witness.

A bipartisan panel would be one with equal numbers of Dems and Republicans. Not to mention, is Congress expected to investigate its own role in Katrina? Are the Republicans really expected to give Bush a fair shake? Are the Dems? Neither party is going to be fully honest about Bush's deeds or misdeeds. This is a crock. Specter doesn't care about American lives, he only cares about partisan gain.

Call Senator Specters office and ask them why they're liars.

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