Saturday, September 17, 2005

Seeing "Liberal Conspiracies" Everywhere

This post from a conservative blog:

A "--" reader emailed to inform me he's tested out Google's new Blog Search tool, and tried entering the term "President Bush." He reveals, "I was surprised (not really) that "--" did not [come up] until page 7."

I tried it myself, with the term 'President Bush' in quotation marks, and I had to go to page 10 to see the first link to "--".

Search queries for "George W. Bush" and "George Bush" produced worse results, as "--" was not within the first 10 pages of results (I stopped looking after that.)

It is a bit suspect when "--" comes up so late, or not at all after a few basic queries relating to Bush.

A day or so earlier I had tested the new blog search engine and immediately determined it was not only a bad search engine, but ridiculously slanted to the left in its results. Disappointing, but not unexpected.

Despite meeting the criteria for inclusion as a news source on Google News, "--" has been repeatedly denied because we are a pro-Bush blog... no they didn't tell me that was the reason, but considering they kept changing their reasons every time I proved "--" met their stated criteria, it's not hard to figure out what was going on.

Speaking of Google News, one would think that the launching of this new blog search engine would mean they'll start purging all blogs as news sources from Google News. Some of the blogs that have slipped through the cracks and made it as news sources have proven to make using Google News more frustrating when looking for actual news stories.

Google's Blog Search certainly has potential... But it is in serious need of improvement.

I have no doubt that Google has a secret department whose job is to thoroughly review all of the millions of blogs in the world, determine their political leaning, and adjust their search tool accordingly. What other explaination could their be?


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