Sunday, September 25, 2005

Right-Wing blogging about the Anti-War demonstrations

Here's some cutting and pasting:

While about 100,000 aged hippies, anti-American socialists and assorted conspiracy-theorists gathered in DC for a hate-America fest,

The anti-war protestors aren't really anti-war - they are actually anti-American. I feel for those who are just misguided into the anti-war movement, but one has to face the fact that if you are within a country mile of the really horrible people of ANSWER, then you are besmirched with the muck of treason. The broad mass of the American people will never sign on to a group which not only says that the war should end, but calls our efforts to date part of a criminal conspiracy.

This crowd of immature has-beens, wants one thing - America to lose. Their goal is to destroy it as it was, and turn it into the idiocy preached by thousand of godless communist loving professors who have hated this country from day one. These useful idiots have no idea that if they win - what they get won't resemble anything like they think. Be careful what you wish for liberals - if you succeed in taking America down, there will be no room for your beloved liberalism in the new order. That is your puppet master's dirty little secret!

Dregs, flotsam, and jetsam to be sure. Some are there because they believe the loony-left's propaganda. Some are there because they work for the overthrow of America - like A.N.S.W.E.R. Some are there because they, like most moonbats, like to swarm - they delude themselves into thinking that their paltry numbers mean strength or unity. And a large percent of the young males, I suspect, were just looking for a party and some loose chicks - which I'm sure they found in abundance. This is like the jackpot for college-aged guys who want a female who subscribes to the hedonistic beliefs of the left, and if anything goes wrong, she'll happily get an abortion. What could be better?

Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy, don't it? And do you think there's any room for Liberals in their vision of America?

Me either.


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