Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Compassionate Conservatives react to the Pledge ruling

Yet this is EXACTLY how the present their own children. Apparently their kids are so "sheeplike" that they don't even have the backbone to not say "under God." And are so mindless that just hearing the words "under God" will indoctrinate them.
Congress shall make no law... nevermind. I'm sure he's read it.
This is what people are accusing their children of being when they bitch about "under God" being "coersive."
There's nothing coersive about it. Be a parent. Your kid is going to have to learn eventually that not everything they do will be popular and they'll just have to grow a backbone and deal with it.

Do what you're told. Never question authority.
They're going to have to learn to not just do what everyone else is doing.
If "under God" is coersive to your child then you better keep them away from cliffs. Because if everyone else started jumping you can be sure your own kid is going to as well.

Yes. The two are exactly the same. Your average human is born with an innate survival instict that might keep him or her from jumping off a cliff, even if others were doing it.
If "under God" is coersive then you better ban them from having friends who smoke or drink because your child is going to die of cancer at the age of 15 with a bottle of whiskey hanging out of their mouth.

No, liberals actually PREFER their elementary school kids having friends nursing Jack Daniel bottles during recess.
The world is going to say and do things you don't like. Live with it.

We're in power so you can go to Hell.
You can't legislate your house rules for the rest of the world just so your mindless, spineless child doesn't have any influences in their life that you wouldn't allow in your own home.

Now i'm going back to banning all books in my local library that deal with any influences I wouldn't allow in my home.

To claim to be an atheist you are really stating you know all things about everything in this universe and any other universe that might exist. No one can say that truthfully.
Except us Christians. Stay off our turf.

If the poor athiest kids are offended, it's up to their parents to EXCUSE them, not END the practice for all. As a minority, I want minority rights protected, but there is protection and tyranny. This type of ruling is just one group oppressing the majority.
Declaring it illegal to force teenagers to pledge their allegiance to a nation under God actually oppresses those who do believe in God. Makes sense to me.


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