Thursday, September 15, 2005

Judge rules Pledge Illegal -- Wing-nuts respond

I knew I'd find some good responses to this ruling calling the Pledge of Alligiance illegal. It took me about five seconds. Just one glance at one of our favorite conservative blogs brought these. More to come as the day progresses (I promise!):

I can not believe even our Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional to these traitors. What do liberals care about the Constitution? They think combining 10 amendments, switching half the words, asking the French to rewrite it, and then burning it eventually shows how murdering children is a Constitutional right.... yet things like the 2nd amendment and electoral college are bogus. I think I get where they are coming from.
I personally have seen a lot of ballot initiatives looking to burn the Consitution after letting the French re-write it. Haven't you?

This next comment is a prime example of what bloggers call a TROLL. In his post the Troll is responding, line by line, to an earlier post:

I agree with this.

Were you looking for someone to pat you on the back? Do you think anyone cares with what you agree? I think you might be having a little issue there with overestimating your own importance.
You disagree with me and therefore you're opinion as an American Citizen does not matter.

Just revert the pledge as it was originally written. What's the problem?

It is really quite simple. So simple that even someone of your obvious limited abilities should be able to see. The pledge was modified to its current version - WITH the Under God phrase - by the US Congress in 1954.

As Rush Limbaugh would say, for those of you in Loma Linda, that means it was done by representatives of the people - put there specifically to act in their interest. That means that our elected representatives did what they felt was what the people of this great country wanted them to do. Again, for you social engineers, that is called democracy.
It's also illegal. Just because the majority wants it, doesn't make it legal. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...

The problem is that what this judge is attempting to do is overthrow the will of the people via judicial fiat. He is not elected, and therefore represents no one. If the people want to change the pledge, then put it on the ballot and lets get their decision. I said the justice is attempting, because this decision will not stand. It will be tossed out.
Congress should in fact be able to pass any law they wish, with no oversight whatsoever. Especially now, since my party is in power. The Judicial Branch only exists because the Founding Fathers were drunk.

Why must people feel the need to inject their religion onto other people?

A better question is why do people like you think that your misconstruing of the pledge as "trying to inject" any religion is anything more than a sweeping lie? Exactly WHAT religion is being injected? Come on, don't be shy.
In this case, all of them.

I believe in God. And I am very comfortable with my relationship with him (although It's a daily struggle).

Again, who cares what you believe?
People less bitter and self-involved than this particular hate-filled troll.

But this is between me and God. Not between me, the government and God.

I find it bordering on hilarious that you, someone who professes to believe in God, is opposed to a simple phrase in the Pledge, while I, an atheist who believes in no deity or region, see nothing wrong with it at all.
We should all think the exact same thing in this country. Meaning you should think what I tell you to think.

I want the government to stay out of my religion, regardless of how popular it may or may not be.

The government is not in your religion. You are acting and thinking like a paranoid schizophrenic. You want the Pledge changed? Get Congress to change it. Otherwise, STFU.
Yes, STFU. Who do you think you are? An American? No Liberals in America matter. Don't you know that after five years?

One more quick thought: Since the judge answers to no one - not even you - what do you think he cares about what you think either?
This particular troll obviously cares what he thinks or he wouldn't have spent so much time denouncing him. Not his policies or his beliefs, mind you, but the poster himself.

more to come...


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