Friday, September 02, 2005

Jesse goes ape-shit over the FEMA list of recommended charities

but it's the good kind of ape-shit:

The U.S. government released a list of charitable groups collecting contributions to help Hurricane Katrina victims that is dominated by religious organizations and excludes many secular and international relief groups.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency list was posted on the agency's Web site and published in major newspapers yesterday. After the American Red Cross, which was named first, the next organization was Operation Blessing, a group based in Virginia Beach, Virginia and founded by televangelist and Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson.

``How in the heck did that happen?'' said Richard Walden, president of Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based secular group that has been conducting disaster relief work since 1979 and was not on FEMA's list. ``That gives Pat Robertson millions of extra dollars.''

FEMA spokeswoman Barbara Ellis didn't return three phone calls seeking comment. Alyssa McClenning, a White House spokeswoman who handles inquiries for its office of faith-based programs, said any questions ``should be directed at FEMA.''

(Jesse comments)So, the major purpose of the hurricane is to help the Assassin For God? Fan-fuckin'-tastic. Here's the full FEMA list. Out of the entire list, only the Red Cross, Humane Society and America's Second Harvest are secular...and not a single group in the "volunteer" section is secular. If you're going on the ground to help people, the government wants to make sure you only do it to promote a religious agenda.

Maybe they can tack up some Ten Commandments plaques in flooded schools while they're at it.(end Jesse)


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