Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Bush Administration: hapless victim

From the (wing-nuts) Patriots at Powerline:

Here's my point: whatever you think of the mechanics of a particular poll (if it says Bush has low ratings then it's flawed or liberally biased), the direction of President Bush's poll numbers is clear. And it seems clear that Hurricane Katrina, and the outrageous attacks that the Democrats have pursued over the past week (attacks like stop playing that guitar while people are dying and do something please), have dealt him, and the Republican Party, another blow. I see no evidence that the Democrats are paying a price for their dishonorable tactics (tactics like exercising free speech and expressing opinions. Be afraid.). And they won't pay a price, unless the Republicans start defending themselves and attacking the Democrats the way they deserve to be attacked (and perhaps the party that's actually in charge of the entire government could shoulder some of the blame as well. Just a thought.). The "turn the other cheek" approach that the administration has followed for years--don't respond to attacks, no matter how unfair, just try to ride out the news cycle and move on--has resulted in one needless wound after another, and cumulatively they have now damaged President Bush's standing with the public, likely beyond repair (yep, the GOP Political machine is structured around the "turn the other cheek" notion. Karl Rove and Fox News are just figments of Democrats' imaginations).

For those of you wondering what the term "drinking the kool-aid" means, here's an example.


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