Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ann Coulter: foot in mouth

Heh. From Think Progress:

Ann Coulter just called out MoveOn on Hannity & Colmes: is down protesting outside the White House. How about putting together some evacuee bags? How about actually helping out? Speaking of that, I think I’d like to hear a breakdown at the end of this, how much churches are contributing versus…

Last Thursday, as tens of thousands of families found themselves newly homeless, MoveOn launched an emergency national housing drive called In just one week, over 235,000 beds have been offered to Katrina victims through the site.

See that's the problem with the Left. They expect me to use facts and tell the truth, and then have the nerve to call me on it when I do neither. How am I supposed to further my career of name-calling neo-fascism with them doing that?


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