Sunday, September 25, 2005

$200 Billion for New Orleans? From where?

Not from the pork-laden Transportation Bill apparently:

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) is a self-proclaimed “little oinker” and aspires to be the “chief porker.” As chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Commitee, he’s ensured that the six-year $295 billion transportation bill is “stuffed like a turkey” with $721 million in projects for Alaska, including $223 million for the infamous “bridge to nowhere.”

But don’t you dare suggest that money is pork, especially if you’re sitting in his office.

REPORTER: Isn’t there a bunch of stuff in that highway bill, at least 24 billion dollars, that could be taken out and used for the people in New Orleans and Mississippi and the places that were affected?

REP. YOUNG: No! That money is not there! That money is for transportation! That is not added pork. See, that’s why the whole media — Wall Street Journal, yourself, respectfully, you know, Sam Donaldson — don’t know what the hell you are talking about. This is grandstanding by individuals that don’t know what they’re talking about. I’ll go back to that. It’s ignorance and stupidity.

It's amazing. Fiscal conservatives are now using President Bush's projected spending for Katrina as a reason to gut long-despised programs from the budget as a means of cutting costs. I know what you're thinking.... NOW they're interested in cutting costs, after five years. No, they're not going to raise taxes on Billionaires. That would be Un-American. Nor are they touching their pork projects. It's the poor and needy who will be left out in the cold (literally considering projected heating costs this winter) to fend for themselves.

Still waiting for that trickle-down effect, Neo-Hawks. The assumption that Millionaires and you're average business owner would take their tax cuts and tax breaks and immediately turn around and invest them in their employees in the form of lower heath insurance costs and higher salaries, as opposed to taking the profits and living off the interest, is the biggest scam fiscal conservatives played on the middle class.


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