Monday, August 22, 2005

Right Wing Blogs and Cindy Sheehan

Here at Keeping Watch, we love to read conservative blogs. It's depressing at times, but it's informative, especially reading their comments sections. Now, I'm not saying the Right has engaged a systematic campaign to smear Cindy Sheehan and her vigil in Crawford Tx, but upon reading one of our favorite prominent conservative blogs, we noticed there were a lot of posts on Cindy, and needless to say they were all negative.

In fact, not only were they negative, but they were attempting to justify their negativity with polls showing how unimportant Cindy was to the nation and how no one was watching her anyway. Yet of the 34 posts on their main page, 10 posts were devoted to Cindy. That's just under 30% of their posts devoted to an issue they assure us is unimportant to the country and that no one is paying attention to.

Two cliches came to mind:
  • Who are you trying to convince?
  • Me thinks he doth protest too much.

But, after all, she's a liberal, right? It's OK to slander them. They don't slander republicans, after all.


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