Friday, August 26, 2005

more David Limbaugh

this time on the (traitorous treasonous anti-bush elite liberal Nazis) patriotic left, which he (sarcasticly) calls Super-Patriots. Highlights:

Super-patriots, after all, are those who prove their love for America by wrapping themselves in the First Amendment as they tear down this nation, its troops and their commander in chief in the middle of a war.
tear down this nation? Does Cindy Sheehan really have that power?

How dare anyone accuse them of undermining the troops? Oh, sorry, I must have misunderstood when I heard their venerated representatives and read their hate-gorged websites likening the Gitmo detention camp to the Soviet Gulag and attempting to show that the relatively isolated incidents there and at Abu Ghraib were widespread.
Oh. The Soviets didn't hold people indefinitely, pull them off the street in the middle of the day, and torture them? It's the left that are undermining the troops with an unclear message and a lack of armor? That's a lot of power for a party that has no control over the government whatsoever.

I must be misperceiving their efforts to establish a moral equivalence between our side and the terrorists, between our occasional and unauthorized harassment of terrorist detainees and the terrorists' suicide bombings and beheadings of innocent civilians.
Notice how he makes an effort to say "occasional" and "unauthorized" harrassment of "terrorist" detainees. And yes, I have found many links to prominent citizens on the left comparing Nick Berg having his head cut off his living body, it being filmed and uploaded to the internet, with our fellow American soldiers. Many links.

I must be misinterpreting their knee-jerk sympathy for the anti-American criticism of the European Left and their condemnation of President Bush instead of the European pacifists for failing to make our action against Iraq more of a "multilateral" enterprise.
Mustn't forget to insult Europe for having the nerve to disagree with us.

I must have been wrong in thinking I'd noticed an extra spring in their step when they "discovered" that the Iraqi people consider us "occupiers" rather than "liberators."
It's more like, when is the Right going to discover that David?

I must have misapprehended their ultra-shock and disappointment that the Iraqi elections went so well. Likewise, I must have misread their transparent incredulity at our soldiers' robust expressions of high morale when being interviewed.
If your news comes completely from Fox News and the WSJ then of course you're only going to see reports of high morale. You'll miss the destroyed lives, weariness and psychological syndromes though.

I must be hallucinating when I hear them comparing Iraq with Vietnam, when the only reasonable comparison is that in both wars the work of relentless antiwar protestors has been our enemies' best (probably only) chance of defeating us.
Really? Our enemies's best chance of defeating us is Cindy Sheehan? And here they are, using guns and bombs. Silly enemy.

I must be misinterpreting their seeming joy at every morsel of bad news that makes its way out of Iraq. I must be imagining that the mainstream media virtually conspire to ignore and suppress good news and sensationalize the bad.
I imagine the media would report more good news if they leave the Green Zone without being kidnapped or killed.

I must be crazy to read enthusiasm into their reaction over failed deadlines for the completion of the Iraqi constitution. I must be unfair in disapproving their glib reference to imported international terrorists in Iraq as "insurgents" -- as if Iraq is experiencing a civil war.
Uh, it's the Bush Administration that coined the term "insurgent" David.

I must be mistaken in assuming they are anxious to label America's actions in Iraq as imperialistic when everyone knows that our purpose, having deposed Saddam and liberated Iraq, is to help to launch her new government and establish stability and security before we withdraw.
(noun) 1 : imperial government, authority, or system; 2 : the policy, practice, or advocacy of extending the power and dominion of a nation especially by direct territorial acquisitions or by gaining indirect control over the political or economic life of other areas; broadly : the extension or imposition of power, authority, or influence

Of course I am not saying that all those who oppose the war in Iraq are unpatriotic.
Good thing he cleared that up. In paragraph 17.

The relevant political question surrounding this subject is whether the Democratic Party is going to be able forever to satisfy these people without alienating almost everyone else. How will Hillary Clinton thread this needle in 2008? What games will she have to play either to keep them in tow or, conversely, to fool everyone else?
By "these people" I think he means the roughly 50% of the American people who are unhappy with Iraq. I'm not sure who the Democrat Party is concerned about alienating however. The GOP has spent five years (a lot longer actually) alienating Democrats and they seem to be doing pretty well by it. And it's not "games" David, it's Politics. All politicians play it.

But 2008 is a long way off. In the meantime, President Bush will proceed on the path he considers in our best interests and that of the Iraqis, regardless of the unrelenting criticism.
That, David, is what we're afraid of.

David's article here.


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