Monday, August 22, 2005

Bush poll numbers -- two different results

via Hedgehog:

American Research Group has just released a new poll that actually puts Bush at a 36% job approval rating (58% disapproval) based on a poll done between August 18-21. However, Rasmussen Reports, using basically the same timeframe of August 19-21, has President Bush with a 48% job approval rating. That is a 12% difference between two polling orgainzations who claim they know what they are doing. Rasmussen did their polling of 1500 “adults” while American Research Group did their poll among 1100 “adults”. There is no conflict with likely or registered voters versus adults, so the polls are supposedly looking at the same group of people.

It doesn't change the fact however that it's a republican White House with a republican Congress. Some in the blogosphere muse that Bush hasn't vetoed a single bill in his five year presidency. With the GOP in control of Congress, why would he need to?

The Bush administration has had no problems pushing through tort reform, the bankruptcy bill and the pork-filled energy bill that gives billions in tax breaks to Energy companies while gas prices rise.

Yes, the Bush Corporate Agenda is sailing through nicely.


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