Sunday, August 28, 2005

Anti-Sheehan patriots

Crooks and Liars has Blumenthal commenting on Move America Forward:

Max Blumenthal has some great information about the front group that has bankrolled the Creepy Caravan tour to attack Cindy Sheehan. Here's a little about Sal Russo:

"If Kaloogian wants to fight corruption, he should get up, turn the light on, and take a look in his own slimy bed. After all, Move America Forward's "Chief Strategist," Sal Russo, who handled Bill Simon's hapless 2002 gubernatorial campaign, is knee-deep in unethical business dealings and scandals."

and this: "That's right. Move America Forward's Sal Russo ran tax shelters and bilked campaign donors out of $200,000. Oh, and then there's the little thing about Russo and Simon being in bed with a major drug trafficker, something they still can't explain" on

Please read the entire post to get an idea about the people behind MAF, Mark Williams and all who are involved in the Creepy Caravan tour. I'll be working on more information about these characters in the coming days.


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