Monday, August 22, 2005

The Angry Left

The latest mantra coming from the GOP spin machine is about the Angry Left. Talking heads using suspiciously similar techniques throw up their hands in gleeful frustration deriding the Angry Left, and their followers fill the comments sections of the right wing (propoganda) blogs, while liberal posts responding to those tirades are conveniently deleted.

This is a technique left over from CampaignLand. The GOP was quite successful playing Victim to the immoral and corrupt Washington Liberals, and they are shouting VICTIM! louder than ever these days. The problem is, there aren't anymore liberals in charge. Conservatives are in charge of, oh, let's say 2.6 branches of the Government, and yet everything that is wrong with this country seems to be the fault of the elite, east coast liberals.

I suspect that if the GOP suceeded in removing every single liberal from government, they would still be crying Victim. It's too good a strategy, and easier than facing facts, much less denouncing their own party. The most amusing irony of their cries of Angry Left, however, is that the conservatives created it! Who would have thought if you spent five years denouncing liberals, their beliefs and their role in government, they would get pissed? It's a shocker!

Read David R. Mark's posting on this issue.


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